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“The joy that comes from farming should not result from the financial benefits, but from the satisfaction of knowing that you are filling a vital need”.

Andre Campbell

Let's Create a Healthier World.

Good health is the greatest wealth. The further we go back in time, the healthier a world we could see. That's the lost treasure. Let us all find it together!

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This site is a community—each one helps the other. From organic farming techniques to how-to routines, we endeavor to be true "Farmacists".

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Eating from the earth is —and has always been the original way of life. Together, we can help change "alternative living" back to real health. Get involved and let's support the farmers who want to bring us good food!

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19 Flowers That Attract Bees to Your Farm

It is well known that bees are a necessary and beneficial part of gardening and farming.  Many locations, however, have been experiencing a declining bee population for a variety of reasons. So what do you do when you need bees to keep your crops healthy, but don’t seem to have a large enough population nearby? […]

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Epsom Salt: The Cure-All Remedy for Your Gardening Woes

Epsom salt is well-regarded as an excellent remedy for sore, achy muscles. It also makes an excellent skin scrub and aid for stomach issues, among other things. But did you know that Epsom salt can also play a powerful role outside of your house and in your garden? Read on to learn about how this […]

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