Dre Campbell


Hello, my name is Andre Campbell. I live and work on a small family farm in Jamaica. My main crop has always been escallion; however, I am thinking of expanding into planting all herbs, all vegetables, and rearing rabbits and goats.

My farm is more of a family hobby, where my wife and I began experimenting with different vegetables. That was part of a venture to grow our own food to stay clear of GMOs and chemical-laden produce found in the local markets and grocery stores.

The escallion is sold to local buyers, but everything else is for our personal use, and of course, giving to others.

The experience I get from expanding our backyard garden gave me a passion for helping others. Farming is more than getting your hands dirty—it’s a passion, love, and enjoyment. Yes, for me, dirty hands equal real satisfaction.

Farming is enjoyable, my family loves it, and it is a vital part of life (well, for us, Campbell’s family).

I love what I do every day, and this site was built to help other organic farmers (novice and professionals alike) while learning from them as well.

Apart from farming, I’m into web development. I didn’t study computer science in school—it started as a hobby (yes, I seem to have a few) that is slowly turning into professionalism. To get a peek at my work, check out this website! I created it on my own—from watching YouTube videos and reading tutorials.

I did not know coding or even how to use the internet as well as you do. After meeting my wife, I fell in love with her talent (or passion, I should say). She works online as a freelancer and also does a lot of research in the natural health field. Yes, she’s a handful (a handful of good stuff)!

After listening to her and checking out her work, I decided to learn more about the online world. I felt the passion for web development creeping in, and I opened the door for it.

I still have a lot to learn, but hey—if you’d like a simple CSS and HTML website with a little bootstrap in there (like this one), I’m the guy for the job. Just head over to my contact page and tell me all about it.

Of course, I’ll be moving onto WordPress and other technical areas next, so look out for more.

Well friends, this “about me” page has indeed given you an idea of who I am and what I do. Now, sign up for my community page and start sharing your thoughts on what you do best (or would like to do)—farming.

Update: This website is now a premium theme. I didn’t create it but I can still set up one from scratch 🙂

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