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DreCampbell.com (Dre Campbell Farm) is a website dedicated to organic farming and is geared towards assisting all those who have questions related to the farming industry, particularly due to the alarming lack of resources dedicated to organic farming in general.

Certainly, there are gardening blogs and websites where individuals can go for information. However, we find that those resources bring across answers that are a bit sparse and technical, which can be a bit daunting for beginner farmers and gardeners.

Besides, some of those resources only focus on gardening, not farming on a whole.

Farming and gardening go hand-in-hand, so it’s only natural to bring them both up at once. Hence, the idea for this web page was born. A place where those who have a passion for organic farming and organic gardening can gather and learn more and even share their knowledge.

DreCampbell.com answers all kinds of farming and gardening questions. Topics covering:

We also welcome farmers from across the globe to reach out to us and share their ideas, whether it’s on planting or animal rearing.

Organic farming is essential to a happy and healthy world, which makes happy and healthy people.

Even though the majority of us spend our days typing like madmen on a computer, our days are truly made when we can shut down our devices, get outside, and bury our hands in DIRT.

If you’re reading this, you’re also a farmer who enjoys the same simple pleasures at the end of a long, toiling workday.

We know the love and excitement that come from watching our little seedlings pop their little heads into the world.

Even more exciting — we savor the first, crisp, crunchy bite of the fruits of our labor. Yes, the homegrown organic treats that can be plucked off vines in our gardens.

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You can also visit our Blog and Facebook Page which are virtually stuffed with gardening answers and anything farming-related.

Happy farming!