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Below, you will find our terms and conditions of service. Please take the time to read them before engaging with our website.

DreCampbell.com welcomes you to its doors. We advise you to thoroughly go over the terms and conditions stated below, which are our due service agreement.

This is to ensure that all use of our website is properly regulated. Failure to comply with these terms results in the prohibition of the use of this site.

Andre Campbell (Dre Campbell) and his immediate family (wife and children) are the sole owners and rights holders of all operations related to DreCampbell.com.

The public operation of the website is open to all individuals of the legal age of 18 years, or else with direct supervision by a legal guardian or parent. Both conditions are stringently enforced to accept the terms of usage and access the website.

As a visitor to this site, the responsibility of knowing and understanding, as well as repeated reviewing of the Service Agreement, is on you.

The agreement is subject to change, and under no legal obligation is DreCampbell.com compelled to inform you in the event of any change.


This website is not intended to be used in place of professional advice.

No trained professionals have been consulted for approval or appraisal during the creation and submission of the material drafted by the owner and guest contributors operating on this website.

It is the responsibility of the content creators to verify their own research and experiences when submitting any original content to this website.

Also, be aware of the fact that we are as human as anyone else and that typos are just an unfortunate fact of life here and there.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and value of our content, which is the result of much hard work and determination by our team and content creators.

Reproduction of any content without express, written permission from us is strictly prohibited.

Website links to content from our site may be shared by users through social media outlets.

Authentication and/or reproduction of any work found on DreCampbell.com is not allowed, as is the printing of any written articles that exceed the standard 10% of the draft, which also gravely affects your SEO. In short, just don’t do it.

Affiliate links can be found in the published content, with the option to directly purchase from the provided links.

If you choose to purchase through these links, we humbly and gratefully thank you preemptively, as much of our website is supported through this avenue. Please see our affiliate disclosure.

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Terms of Service 

Users are hereby granted limited entry to DreCampbell.com.

Be warned that any form of reproduction, including copying, transcribing, and transmitting, is only permitted through an internet browser as a form of use.

The license remains in place and does not reach outward to cover the resale or distribution of the protected material, up to and including commercial usage of the site or any of its content. Such practices as data mining, copying information, etc. are strictly prohibited.

Reproduction of any kind without express permission is not allowed, and this includes any use of the content on this website unless written permission is gained from the rights holders.

Andre Campbell and his family are the retainers of all rights to alter or interact with the core foundation of the site at any time, including all materials therein, and without prior notice of doing so.


DreCampbell.com maintains full and sole property rights on all included content contained in the site.

We maintain and enforce any rights and privileges over all content acquired. Written, express permission must be granted from DreCampbell.com for any duplication of the material to be performed.

The right to alter or delete any content as deemed necessary is reserved by us at the site. Any and all rights not mentioned directly are held and retained by Dre Campbell.


DreCampbell.com may allow permission for the creation and usage of any individual account to enter the site for extra benefit or material.

The creation of such an account constitutes an agreement to adhere to the accuracy of the information provided therein and to respect the privacy of other members’ information.

Any misconduct regarding the rules of privacy, such as login, password, voice, name, appearance, or using someone else’s personal information, is prohibited.

Any breach in security should be reported to us at DreCampbell.com for evaluation. Failure to comply will result in either suspension or termination of the account in question.

Forums/Blog/Social Media/Comments 

In regards to a forum, this is simply a public hub of a website where users can freely interact and share material, up to and including comments for various content such as blogs.

“Forum” is an expansive word that can apply to any Dre Campbell-created pages, which can involve, in some cases, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Usage of this site follows the agreement that all Dre Campbell-based forums are to be used strictly for communication and for no other purpose.

Any expectation of privacy is not guaranteed on a public platform or any similar feature.

Dre.Campbell.com is not responsible for the misuse of private information distributed on a public forum and strongly recommends against such distribution.

All forums and features are operated at the full risk of the user.

Links to Other Websites 

Dre Campbell will often host links to other platforms or websites that are not owned or operated by DreCampbell.com.

Dre Campbell accepts no responsibility for visitors accessing these websites through the provided links.

All users are strongly advised to read through the terms and conditions of external websites that have been linked through DreCampbell.com before meddling on their platform.

Dre Campbell understands and acknowledges that links to external sites promoting food or beverage ads are not meant to be any form of medicinal treatment or cure.

Governing Law

The service agreement stated is geared strictly toward adherence to the laws of the country of citizenship by the owners.

Any use of the site mandates user adherence to the laws and jurisdiction of whichever country the owners call home.


The content posted on DreCampbell.com is deemed “as is” and is provided for informational purposes only. Please see our full disclaimer.


In our Privacy Policy, you are advised to read it entirely before engaging in the use of this website in order to learn about the management of data practices and the mismanagement of privacy protection.

Additional Policies 

As highlighted, you will find other policies on our website: privacy policy, affiliate disclosure, and full disclaimer. Entering this site ensures submission and understanding by agreeing to abide by these policies.

Changes to the Website and Terms of Service 

All rights to change or alter this website are retained by Dre Campbell. No notice is required, nor is Dre Campbell under any obligation to give one.

This also includes the right to delete the website and make changes to the Terms of Service at any time as required by the owners.

As the user, the responsibility falls on you to be fully aware of this agreement and abide by it. The same goes for future changes that may occur within this agreement.