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Arbico Organics Review: Organic Gardening Supplies

For those seeking organic gardening products, Arbico Organics is the go-to online supplier. They sell a wide range of growing supplies, pest control, and weed control products.

The 20th century saw major developments in agriculture. Mechanization allowed farmers to produce higher yields of crops in a shorter space of time.

The advances in chemical pesticides escalated during World War II and were outwardly extremely beneficial in protecting valuable crops from infestations. Gardeners were encouraged to produce food at home and on allotments. As a result, many employed the use of chemicals to avoid the loss of crops.

Alongside these advancements, growing environmental concerns surfaced, and a renewed interest in natural and organic methods of gardening and farming became more popular.


Arbico was at the forefront of this change of focus and continued to expand its product range to assist organic gardeners and farmers.

Rick Frey started his business in 1979 with his wife, who had a special interest in environmental issues. They built on their belief in advocating a state of what they termed ‘biobalance’ by developing natural ways of controlling pests.

On their 10-acre site in Arizona, the couple set about developing a program of rearing parasitic insects to naturally limit the number of flies infesting farms and gardens.

Today, the insectary produces many more beneficial insects, which contribute to the now extensive range of products.

Pest Control

The company has expanded over its 40 years in business to provide natural solutions to pest problems affecting gardens, dairies, farms, livestock, and domestic pets.

Success relies on producing and maintaining healthy crops, plants, and animals, as well as directly eliminating parasites and other pests.

They supply organic fungicides, nutrients, and antibacterial products, as well as insecticides, beneficial insects, and other pest control supplies.

Growing Supplies

AR has a very full range of organic growing supplies for soil enrichment, including compost, fertilizers, plant food, and potting medium.

The company also stocks territorial vegetable seeds such as carrots, cabbages, beans, salad vegetables, and tomatoes.

To protect plants and lawns, the company sells many organic weed killers and herbicides that are non-toxic to pets and humans.

Beneficial Insects

They have built up a reputation for some 40 years for supplying live insects directly from their home base in Arizona.

Years of research and development into what Arbico terms ‘integrated pest management’ allow customers to benefit from the company’s knowledge and advice.

Each type of insect has a different role in preventing or reducing pest infestations.

  • Parasites. These act by burrowing in eggs and larvae and destroying them. Also, after hatching, they feed on nymphs and adult pests. The company has been a supplier of parasitic wasps since the early days. Beneficial microscopic nematodes introduced into the soil have the same parasitic function as underground larvae.
  • Predators. Assassin bugs are predators that use sticky resin on their legs to trap prey before feeding on them. Hugely successful pest-eaters like ladybugs, praying mantises, and lacewings are a boon to organic farmers and gardeners. Arbico also supplies these natural predators.

Disease Control

Diseases that damage plants and crops can be classified under three headings: bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

  • Bacteria can result in various forms of blight, leaf spot, scabbing, yellowing, and wilt.
  • Fungi assist in the decomposition of plant life and have been utilized in the production of antibiotics and household products. These organisms have a positive role in the environment, but for gardeners, they can produce rust, mold, and mildew. Fruit and fruit trees are particularly vulnerable.
  • Viruses caused by sap-eating insect pests can weaken and wilt plants rapidly.

AR stocks a range of biological remedies for these common problems in the form of dilutable liquids or ready-to-use sprays. Several of them contain Neem Oil, either in pure form or mixed with other remedial properties.

Neem oil is a natural insecticide that derives from the seeds of the Neem tree, which originated in the Indian subcontinent. Known for centuries as a pesticide, it also contains antibacterial and antifungal components. Therefore, it is effective against most plant diseases.

Organic disinfectants and cleaning aids are also available to keep areas free of spores and pests.

Fly Eliminators

AR first started rearing and selling these parasitic insects when they set up their business in 1979. The demand for fly eliminators grew very rapidly, which encouraged Rick Frey and his wife to develop more organic pesticides and garden products.

These are tiny parasitic wasps used to break the life cycle of developing pest flies that breed in manure and household waste areas.

Farms and facilities with livestock and food production premises benefit the most from setting up fly eliminator programs. The company aims to supply live fly eliminators to help reduce the fly population throughout the active season.

The female parasitic wasps seek out fly pupae in rotting material. They then deposit their eggs inside the pupae, where they hatch and feed. Unable to grow, the life cycle of the flies is disrupted, and the numbers are reduced.

After the eliminators emerge, they will mate and reproduce to deal with more flies. However, for effective long-term control, the company encourages regular fresh supplies.


Arbico (not Arbicos) is now well-established as a major supplier of natural pesticides and organic products. As they have expanded, they have also curated a large number of other well-known organic brands, most of which can be ordered online.

  • Monterey Lawn and Garden is a trusted supplier of products containing Neem oil as well as other herbicides and insecticides.
  • Maxicrop, Arborjet, and Neptune’s Harvest are some of the brands specializing in plant nutrition.
  • Brandt Organics provides products for farms, large-scale gardening, and livestock facilities.

The choices are wide and include other products for animal care and wellbeing as well as general garden supplies and equipment.


Worldwide, farmers still use chemical pesticides as effective solutions to pest infestations that damage crops and plants. However, as pests become resistant to chemical sprays and environmental concerns move more to the fore, biological pest control has gained popular support.

For the gardener, the resurgence of organic methods has meant that many natural alternatives are now available, and Arbico-Organics.com is the go-to premium online organic supplier.

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