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16 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Termites

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17 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Termites

In this post, we’ll be discussing some popular natural ways to get rid of termites. These pests can cause a lot of damage to the floors, walls, and even shelves of your home if they’re not dealt with quickly.

And while there are a number of commercial termite treatments available, they can be expensive and full of harmful chemicals.

Today, we will give you some useful advice on how to naturally control termites. We will focus on home remedies and non-toxic products.


Termites are small, soft-bodied insects that live together in colonies. Their color varies (white, dark brown, yellowish-tan, etc.), depending on the species.

They feed on wood, paper, cardboard, etc.—any material that contains cellulose. Therefore, they can cause plenty of damage to the structural wood of buildings and furniture.

Some also feed on live crops and trees.

How to Get Rid of Termites Naturally

Termites, sometimes called “white ants,” can cost a lot to treat with conventional methods. That’s why people are trying home remedies and natural DIY solutions.

1. Neem Oil

Neem oil is often used to get rid of bad insects because of its ability to either kill or repel them.

To make a DIY neem oil spray for termites, combine 5 ml of neem oil with 2 ml of liquid dish soap in a liter of water.

Spray it directly on termites to kill them. You can also apply it to the areas where they’re nesting. This time, it will serve as a repellent for the critters.

You can also buy neem oil concentrate and use it as directed on the label.

2. Orange Oil

Orange oil is another great all-natural remedy to treat termites at home. The critters hate the smell of it. It will also kill them on contact.

To make orange oil spray, you’ll want to dilute 2 ounces per gallon of water.

Once you’ve done that, simply inject or pour the solution directly into the termite holes.

3. Hot Pepper

Hot pepper spray is one of the best home remedies for certain insect pests. It’s a strong irritant and can cause them to flee the area.

To use it as a termite protection remedy, you’ll need to finely chop one large hot pepper and soak it in 4 cups of water.

Let it rest for a little while, strain it, and then pour it into a spray bottle. Finally, spray the mixture directly onto the critters and their nests.

However, avoid spraying it directly onto your skin, as it can be quite irritating. You’ll also need to reapply this home remedy every few days until the termites are gone.

4. Sunlight

This is another safe method to get rid of drywood termites by yourself.

Leaving your furniture in the sun is one of the best ways to control the critters. Excessive sunlight exposure will kill them.

5. Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

This natural product consists of fossilized diatoms. The edges of DE are sharp and can pierce the exoskeleton of termites, causing them to die.

You can buy diatomaceous earth at some health retailers or online. Use it as a natural termite killer by spreading it around the perimeter of your home, in cracks, or in other affected areas.

The powder will kill any termites that come into contact with it.

6. Clove Oil

Clove oil is a powerful essential oil. For many years, people all over the world have used it to kill pests in their homes and gardens.

To use clove oil as a termite infestation treatment, you’ll need a few things:

  • Clove oil
  • Sprayer bottle (like a spray bottle for cleaning)
  • Paper Towels
  • Mask (optional)

First, pour some clove oil into the spray bottle. You don’t need a lot—10 to 15 drops is enough. Add water to fill the bottle the rest of the way. Shake well to combine.

Next, put on your mask and spray it around the areas where you’ve seen termites. However, be sure to avoid any areas where there are electrical cords or other items that could be damaged by moisture or contact with the solution.

Let the mixture sit for about an hour, then wipe up the spills with paper towels. Repeat as necessary.

7. Beneficial Nematodes

Some homeowners find beneficial nematodes effective against termites. They are available at some garden stores and online.

To use them, just mix them with water according to the instructions that come with your order. Afterwards, pour the mixture into wood that has termites. Do this in your basement, around your house, and in your garden.

These nematodes work great to get rid of termites in garden soil naturally. They will enter the termite’s body and kill it.

8. White Vinegar

Another favorite home remedy to stop termites is white vinegar.

To use vinegar to kill termites, dilute it with water (1:1 ratio) or use it straight. Next, spray it directly on the termites themselves.

But if you have an infestation, this homemade termite killer may not eliminate the entire colony.

9. Remove Old Tree Stump

One of the most common ways to avoid a termite attack is to remove the tree stump they’re living in.

An old stump is usually home to termites, so once you remove it, the problem should go away.

To start, pour a liquid insecticide into the termites’ nest to treat the tree stump. Next, call a professional tree service to remove the stump. They may perform a task known as “stump grinding.”

10. Garlic Oil

Another great home remedy to repel termites is garlic oil. You can use it to make a spray.

To make this homemade termite repellent spray, you will need:

  • 1 cup of food-grade oil
  • 1/2 cup of chopped garlic
  • A glass jar with a lid

In a pan, heat the oil until it is hot. Do not let it boil. Remove from the heat and add the garlic.

Let the garlic soak in the oil for about 24 hours. Strain the oil and pour it into the glass jar. Store it in a cool, dark place.

To use, combine 2 tablespoons of the homemade garlic oil with a pint of water. Shake thoroughly to mix well, and apply around the foundation of your house or areas where there are termites.

Reapply this plant-based repellent every few weeks as needed.

11. Salt

Salt is also an excellent DIY termite treatment. Just mix equal parts table salt and warm water. Next, pour the salty solution into a spray bottle and spritz it directly on the termites.

You can also pour saltwater into the holes and crevices where you’ve seen evidence of termites. The critters will become dehydrated and eventually die.

Epsom salt also works in the same way when used in high concentrations.

12. Beauveria bassiana

Beauveria bassiana is another widely used natural termite control agent.

It works by infecting termites, eventually killing them. You can also use it for controlling garden pests such as aphids, whiteflies, thrips, and more.

There are a few ways you can use it. One way is to apply it to the soil around your home, where you’ll likely find termites.

You can also spray it in other places where you’ve seen the critters. Spray it in the cracks and crevices where they hide.

It is available as a ready-to-use spray, or you can buy it in powder form and mix it according to instructions. However, it can take a while before it starts to work. That’s why most people use it to prevent termites instead of treating the problem.

13. Borax

This remedy is so effective that some say it can permanently kill termites. Borax is toxic to termites, so they will die almost instantly, not long after coming into contact with it.

Moreover, it works against both subterranean termites and drywood termites.

You can buy borax at most home and garden stores, and it’s easy to use for termite extermination.

Sprinkle a little borax on the affected area. Or, dissolve a teaspoon of it in 8 ounces of water to make a spray.

Borax is also safe to use to get rid of termites in clothes.

14. Canola Oil

Canola oil is often used in cooking, but you can also use it as an insecticide for termites.

Mix 2 cups of the oil with 2 tablespoons of liquid soap. To use as a pesticide, combine 2 teaspoons of this concentrate with a cup of warm water.

Shake well and use it in areas where it’s needed. The oil will suffocate the termites.

15. Wet Cardboard

Wet cardboard will create an environment that is hospitable for termites, so it’s a good way to trap them.

To use this method, place two pieces of wet cardboard on top of each other in an infested area. Once the termites flock to the cardboard and start eating it, you will know what to do next.

16. Boiling Water

Boiling water is effective in killing a number of pesky insects when poured directly on them. Gardeners use it to kill ants, weevils, and other crawling pests.

But you can also pour it on termite nests, especially subterranean termites, to eliminate them. It will kill them instantly.

17. Other Essential Oils

Some essential oils work well against pests, such as termites. However, one of the most effective ones is wintergreen oil [1].

Other oils that will keep them away include lavender oil, tea tree oil, and cedarwood oil. Therefore, use these essential oils to make a DIY termite spray.

To make the recipe, mix 15 to 20 drops of each oil with 12 ounces of water. Then, spray the mixture on wood, walls, or other affected areas.


If you see winged termites flying around, there might be a mature termite colony near your home.

At that point in time, the best thing to do is call in a professional exterminator. However, as you can see, there are a few things that you can do to control them naturally.

Some of these methods may take a little longer than others, but they are all effective in their own way. Try out a few and see which works best for you to achieve permanent results.

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