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Help Someone In Need

Help Someone In Need

Hello everyone,

I am seeking assistance for a friend — a Jamaican single mom. I chose to do it on my family blog since GoFundMe and FB donations are not supported in Jamaica.

She desperately needs financial assistance. She is a single mom without a job. She was married for 4 years, after which her husband left her destitute and broke.

She has three children, ages 4, 6, and 11 — all boys.

Current Situation

After being abandoned by her husband, things got really tough. She was forced to live in a partially abandoned old home and the living condition there is beyond humane.

Here are the reasons for saying that:

  • The house was leaking (and still in some parts) and so the roof and other areas are filled with mold.
  • There isn’t a proper door in the house. The locks are frail and need replacement.
  • The veranda floor is cracked in half.
  • The bathroom is almost none.
  • There is no running water.
  • The roof needs replacement.
  • There are little creatures (rats, etc.) inside.

She tried to fix it up and I tried my best to help but the mold won’t go away and her health has declined dramatically. The water problem is not something that can be fixed either.

She lost half the weight she usually had and she is seriously ill because of the mold.

The children are also seriously ill. The second son now has severe asthma attacks and has to be on a nebulizer at the public hospital very often.

She went to the family court to get help from the government, but her husband refuses to pay what the court ordered. Practically, the Jamaican government does not do well when it comes to benefits for single mothers or anyone of the fact.

What She Needs Help With?

  • A home. If it’s even a one-room house, it will be greatly appreciated.
  • Stuff for the children (clothes, school supplies, etc.)
  • Financial support (money for food, personal items, overhead expenses, medical expenses, etc.) until she gets back on her feet.
  • Any advice on health where mold illness is concerned.

Before COVID-19 she was working enough to cover food and school expenses to a minor degree, but now that has changed.

Everything started going downhill after COVID-19 took over. Currently, there is no physical school but she needs help with internet fees for virtual classes.

So please, I am asking for a donation of whatever amount you can afford. For starters, she really needs to move.

Your help will be greatly appreciated. The PayPal donation button is listed above and below.

Thanks a million!